Welcome to the YouTube LAFAMILIA platform. The YouTube LAFAMILIA platform is designed to increase and monetize artists YouTube and Instagram social media communities. Below is a training video which breaks down our fundamental and strategic marketing growth system. We’ve also included critical engagement reminders for interaction optimization.



Watch a minimum of “2” of their YouTube videos. Leave a total of “4” comments on each one. Always leave “3” emojis and “1” written comment. Inside the written comment make sure you

  • Compliment their page
  • Let them know you are an artist as well
  • Advise them you’re showing love for organic support
  • Advise them you subscribed to their Channel
  • Advise them you’re reaching out to them on IG as well
Sample 1:

Here is a sample “written comment”: “Artist Name,” fam, I just dropped a few comments on your page. As a fellow artists, we must support each other’s grind. I subscribed as well, c/o my page now, and sub back. I’m reaching out on IG as well. #unsignedhype”

Sample 2:

“Artist Name,” showing love on your page, fam. I see you hustling hard, fam, and I respect it. I also subscribed, and I’d appreciate you checking out my page and doing the same. I’m an artist as well, so I always show love to my fellow creators. I’m tapping in with you on IG now.


Watch a minimum of “2” IG stories and leave emoji comments on each. Comment on a minimum of “2” of their IG posts that you feel comfortable with. Leave honest comments on each post. Always leave “3” individual emoji’s and “1” written comment on their post. Lastly, with Instagram always leave a Voice Message introducing yourself.

Sample Written message: @artistname check your DM. I sent you a voice message fam.   

Sample Voice message: Grand rising “Artist Name”. I dropped a few comments on ya page, and I’m always showing love to my fellow artists. We must support each other. I subscribed to your YouTube and dropped love there as well. I’m sending you my YouTube Channel link so you can also subscribe to mine. Let’s connect on IG and engage with each other. Hit me when you get this. Peace and love, family.