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Photo Image: Drummaboy Fresh standing on stage with Major Recording Artist Deroz De’Shon 


Welcome to the POWER OF KNOWLEDGE platform designed for authentic fanbase expansion. Over the ensuing four months, you can expect detailed half-hour discussions with an assortment of top-tier radio and broadcast hosts within our network. The following is a timeline of the planned interviews for this campaign over the next quarter. 


Week 1- WE BUILT DIFFERENT Podcast Series hosted by Derrick T Lewis.  Schedule your interview here:  

Derrick T Lewis Instagram:  


 Week 3- KULTURE BUZZIN Talk Show hosted by Kareesh Forreal. Schedule your interview here:  

 Kareesh Forreal Instagram: 


Week 5- BETONYOURSELF Podcast hosted by Zoe RoseGold.  Schedule your interview here:  

Zoe RoseGold Instagram:  


Week 8- 24HIPHOP Podcast Series hosted by Carisha The Diva.  Schedule your interview here: 

Carisha The Diva Instagram: 


 Week 10- Ambition Over Fear Podcast Series hosted by Angie Starzz.  Schedule your interview here: 

Angie Starrz Instagram:


 Week 12- RAPLIFE Decoded Podcast Series hosted by DJ WESWILL.  Schedule your interview here: 

DJ WESWILL Instagram:  


Note: Each podcast enjoys worldwide distribution across all major digital service platforms, such as iHeartRadio, Pandora, Audible, Amazon Music, Spotify, iTunes, Audacy, Tunein, and others. This wide-reaching distribution of each podcast episode results in a top-ranking backlink on Google. These high-authority domain backlinks enhance the visibility of the targeted user’s profile.