That Spotify Accelerator platform is the new wave 👑 We have an approved App with Spotify that saves the artist’s entire Spotify profile to a person’s Spotify library with one click. An artist never needs to ask them to pre-save any future releases.  

Spotify automatically adds their track, EP, or album to their library. Additionally, RADIOPUSHERS sends them a customized email reminding them your release is in their Spotify library, and all they need to do is click play.  

The person who Pre-Saves your profile will automatically follow you and subscribe to your newsletter. The Spotify Accelerator platform is the #1 Organic Hustle to build a legitimate audience without paying for fake Playlists. Every artist now possesses the power to interact and share their Spotify Accelerator Link with their local community. 

This means an artist can generate natural human Spotify streams from local residents. Every artist must show via Spotify For Artists App, and their top city must be their own.  

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