Speaking to another artist:

Fam, I just watched your stories, and I’m checking out your music now. Let’s connect asap and follow each other. #radiopushers

Side Note: Let the artists know you want to SUBSCRIBE to their “ALL” of their channels.

Example Direct Message: Fam what’s good. I just followed you. Send me your YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter profile, and I’ll subscribe RIGHT now. I’m always networking fam. Follow back and let’s fly!!

Speaking to a business owner:

I just watched a few of your stories, and I’m checking out your brand now. Salute to your success. C/O my page when you get and let’s follow each other and engage.

Example Direct Message:

Salute to your entrepreneur grind fam. I’m going to checkout your products/services more in depth this week. Let’s definitely stay connected. I’m a Major Recording Artist/Entrepreneur as well. I’m turning on your post notifications now.

Speaking to a college student:

I love the energy on ya page #frfr. I just watched your latest stories and I’m checking out your posts. Ya vibe is cool. C/O my page and let’s follow each other if you feeling my content.

Example Direct Message:

I’m turning on your post notifications now so I can stay engaged with you. I have a strong collegiate IG following. I’m a Major Recording Artist/Entrepreneur. Let’s stay connected fam.

Speaking to a NORMAL person (non-music artist, and etc.):

I like the positive vibration on ya page. I’m going to tap in with your page. When you get a second, check out my page, and let’s engage with each other.

Example Direct Message:

You post good ish and I really like your energy. I’m going to turn on your post notifications, so I can stay connected and engage. C/O my page as well when you get a second.

Speaking to a DJ:

Much love to you and the DJ community fam. I just scoped out your stories and I’m going to turn on ya notifications. You doing ya thing. C/O my page and let’s stay connected #frfr #radiopushers

Example Direct Message:

I just wanted to say I respect ya grind fam and I’m going to support your movement on IG. My focus is connecting with you and building an organic following. I’m turning on your post notifications now, so I can engage your post consistently. Enjoy ya day and let’s network fam.

When speaking to the opposite sex on social media, you need to follow these strict rules below.

Never speak inappropriately or comment in a sexual way.


Watch their stories and leave comments based on the content. Whatever you’re observing, make your comment based upon that.

Never tell them to “C/O your music.” Invite them to stay connected with you, and you’ll do the same. Let them know you’re an entrepreneur and a Major Recording Artist.

Every day you must engage with a minimum of 30 new people from the MONDAY board. In addition to networking with your EXISTING social media followers. Remember, they are the EASIEST people to receive engagement and love from.


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