Below are the main bullet points discussed during a RoadMap Call. The purpose of the RoadMap Call is to educate, empower, and maintain open lines of communication between both parties. RoadMap Calls ae conducted during the midway point of the campaign.

Phase 1- Let’s discuss your Radio Airplay times & generating radio requests.

  • What are the time slots of your scheduled music playlists? (Make sure you put your airtimes in your phone. Save it to your Apple or Google Notes.)


  • Have you posted your airtimes on your Facebook page, Instagram Stories, and Twitter? (For people to request your music they need to know when it’s playing. So, provide the link to your station & airtimes. Example, “People may song “NOTELLIN” is now in heavy rotation between 7pm-9pm est time every night on POWER 109.1 Atlanta! Listen from any mobile device and in your car @


  • Have you sent direct messages to your social media followers to request your music? (Sending direct messages are the fastest way to reach your contacts. Period!) C/O this YouTube video which explains how to send out the DM


  • What type of message are you sending your followers? (Creating a STRONG targeted message is important. Example, “@radiopushers thanks for following my movement on IG, I’m trending on POWER 109.1 Atlanta & I’d be honored if you would request my track. GO to & click the REQUEST RICHSOUL button. Tag me on your next post!! Let’s goo!


  • Do you have a set number of requests you’re sending out each week (Example, reaching 50 contacts on Instagram per week equals 200 people you’ve reached). You can reach out to “8” people per day which only takes 15 minutes. So, imagine reaching 50 people per week working 15 minutes! Time is money, so it’s important you invest into your social media audience.


  • Do you have your “Visual Music Smart Link” ( inside your IG Bio Line? If you don’t have a Visual Music Smart Link page, then make sure you have your iHussle link ( ).  The Visual Music Smart Link Page includes all your visual music media.  People can listen to your music on multiple platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, & Soundcloud without opening an external app. Consumers love being able to “SEE & EXPERIENCE” everything on “1” page without having to navigate to another screen. Consumers can see your Instagram feed in real time.  Every time you post people can see, like, comment, and share it in real time.  People can stream RADIOPUSHERS TV powered by Amazon Fire & ROKU.  Viewers can also stream your own personalized viral video playlist (depending if you are on Shape Your Legacy Campaign or higher).  All your friends, family, and online supporters can request your music, by clicking the REQUEST button on your page. The Visual Music Smart Link landing page allows your followers to stay connected with you 24/7! Make sure your link is inside your IG & Twitter bio line. If you have the “iHussle” link, make sure you showcase it EVERYWHERE! People can connect with you on Instagram, YouTube, view your profile images, and listen to your radio station!


  • Are you participating into the #WINNERSCIRCLE Instagram Chat Group? The #WINNERSCIRCLE Instagram Chat Room was created to give music millennials real human engagements via comments. Everybody inside the #winnerscircle comments on each artists Instagram posts. Everybody shares content related to their music brand inside the group chat and engagement starts immediately.  The #winnerscircle also enables each artist to network with real people and build solid relationships. The #WINNERSCIRCLE is FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Imagine having 50 comments per Instagram post. Imagine networking with hundreds of real human musicians daily committed to GREATNESS? C/O the #winnerscircle network @ You can access real human Instagram accounts and engage with results! Now you can choose who you want to follow and access high energy and business focused music millennials & professionals!


  • When you post on Instagram are you using the branded hashtags #radiopushers #musichypebeast #resultsandnohype #betonyourself #motivateyourself #workyourassoff #striveforgreatness #victorylap #themarathoncontinues #warready #closerthanbefore #dreamhustlewin These hashtags have over 10,000,000 (Million) real people tagged. Using high traffic hashtags enables your post to have more visibility on the Instagram explore page and increase the search optimization factor. It’s “CRUCIAL” for every artist to “@” other IG users after you make your post. This technique “INCREASES” your post AWARENESS range.  When you “@” people it pops up in their IG notifications.  People check their IG notifications all the time and respond to a DIRECT MENTION. Make sure you add your artist hashtag as well.


  • Have you made a list of at least 50 people who supports you on Social Media? The core purpose of Social Media is ENGAGEMENT. You need to have a minimum of 50 designated people engaging each post you create.  High engagement increasing awareness with REAL PEOPLE which leads to people BUYING YOUR PRODUCT & supporting your movement! Period! So, make a list of at least 50 people WHO YOU COMMUNICATE WITH ON A REGULAR BASIS ON INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, & FACEBOOK AND TAG THEM ON EACH POST!


  • Make sure you have booked your REUP Call so your campaign remains active.

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